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Only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged in their job?

85% of employees are not reaching their full potential.

We can change that!

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Leadership Training


Are  you thinking about Leadership Training for your team? Planning a Team Retreat? Thinking about Professional Development that will make an impact?

Let's create a personalized and specialized training that fits the needs of your organization.

I specialize in:

Strengths Based Training for Management Teams

Strengths Based Leadership Training for Teams



Individual Coaching for Team Members

Individual Strengths Coaching



Everyone needs a coach! 


Are you....


Curious to know more about your CliftonStrengths Report and want to know more?

Happy in your career but need to know how to leverage your talents?

Looking to make a career change?

Want to understand and strengthen your personal and professional relationships to make them better?

Let me help you leverage your talents in your life! 


Events & Workshops

Since I am happy to share my insights about CliftonStrengths, be on the lookout for special events and workshops. Grab a friend and be sure to sign up!

Want to create a workshop event for your club? church? or community organization? Just send me a message and I would be glad to see what we can do. 


 Dr. Vicky Goodin

The Strengths Doc

A little about me. First, I am passionate about helping others be they best the can be. I aspire to help individuals and teams reach their goals and potential.  

. My life journey, like so many others was not a straight line,  Along the way, I met people who inspired me and guided me to work in higher education. So many stories, but my educational and career journey led to a phenomenal 30 year career leading and working with senior management teams, executive leadership teams and student leaders. My commitment  to my own professional development  resulted in the completion of my Masters degrees in Counseling and my Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration. 

So how did I become the Strengths Doc? As with everything, my life has been an incredible journey filled with stories of adventure, wanderlust, resiliency and an innate sense that my purpose was to help others. Leadership development and training have always been lifelong passions in my roles. Still, I wanted to do more!

Because I have lived such a blessed life, I want to share my talents so that others could live their best life too. I became a Gallup CliftonStrengths Coach to help others discover, grow and enhance their lives. When I had the opportunity, I attended and completed the Gallup Organization training at the Shard in London (why not?!). I have utilized Strengths for 20 years and now I get to do this full time. This is a job of passion for me and I want to use my talents to help you! 

My promise to you in to give you 100% personalized attention. I want this to be something that doesn't end up in a desk drawer or on a shelf...I want this to be a game changer for you (and your team).

Everyone needs a Coach. Let me be yours!


Strategic - Arranger - Positivity - Communication - WOO 

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Dr. Vicky Goodin

The Strengths Doc

Let me help you grow your team or organization!  Together we can build team engagement, increase retention, productivity, performance and overall satisfaction.