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Coaching & Training

I understand organizational culture from all levels, including senior-level administration. Having served in these capacities has given me a well-rounded perspective in understanding personnel issues from different positions within organizations, including recruitment, team training, goal setting, and retention.

I utilize my experience in executive roles both in education and business to develop teams using multiple non-cognitive assessments, strategies, and professional training designed specifically for employee engagement. I have developed and implemented hundreds of face-to-face organizational training sessions and planned executive leadership and student retreats.


I understand the challenges facing both managers and employees. I have spent a lifetime creating workplace environments where employees felt valued, appreciated and respected for their contributions to the organization.

I offer strength-based leadership training to individuals and teams who are looking to become high-performing teams.

If you are:

  • Planning a team training, meeting or retreat

  • Looking to onboard employees into your organization

  • Looking to provide leadership development for managers or yourself

  • Ready to create a strengths-based team environment within your business, a student group/organization or community group

  • Currently in a life transition and are seeking life/career coaching

  • Finding the right coach or team trainer is a big decision. Let's chat!

    30 min

  • Available to meet on-line, over the phone or decide!

    1 hr

    Please inquire
  • Ready to take your team to a new level of high performance?

    Price Varies
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