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A Blog About Nothing...An Ode to Seinfeld, Bombeck and Lucille Ball

So true confessions. I had this great idea to write a Strengths blog. Everyone writes a blog. So should I! I will say long ago I had a travel blog...but like other well-intentioned fizzled. It's a Blog Blurr.

It has been on my to-do list for two months. Every time I picked up my iPad to write down my profound thoughts, I walked away from the computer to find some meaningless task to do which seemed a lot easier than writing a blog. I thought to myself why is this so hard?! I’m a creative writer. I have a lot to say...this shouldn’t be that hard! I was so anxious to start a blog, I didn’t even have a fancy title to go along with it. After all, I was able to write 243 wonderfully researched pages of a doctoral dissertation to become Dr. Vicky. Yet not a word was scribbled on my notepad. Then, of course, I started to doubt whether I should be writing one at all which made it even easier to not start. So today, I decided to start and end what I call Blog Block. I wondered how many other bloggers go through this? I most certainly can’t be the only one.

I can’t begin to tell you how funny I am in my head! Aren’t we all? My life is like an I Love Lucy episode with all kinds of crazy shenanigans happening in my day-to-day life. Now that I know my husband’s top five signature strengths, which have long been a mystery, our household has never been the same. Being semi-retired and working from home has brought our relationship to a whole new level which deserves a separate blog to help other couples survive life transitions. Then I think “oh my gosh” that would make a great blog! Write that down quick before you forget! Nope. Too late! I have to go clean up the cat barf and then my funny thought is gone. The blog is doomed again!

I had this whole notion that this blog would be about my Strength‘s journey and how I started running a full-time consulting agency of one (well actually two if you consider the fact that I appointed my husband as Vice President of Support). I will still write that blog post once I find the right words. For now, my main objective was to open up my brain waves and get rid of my Blog Block. Out dang cobwebs out! Make room for the smart words.

Right now, I feel my blog is like a Seinfeld episode “a blog about nothing.” But sometimes a blog about nothing is actually a blog about something! Now that is a deep thought! See?! The cobwebs are starting to clear. So here it is, World! My blog about my Strength's journey, my life as a Strengths Coach and well, my life. I expect that it will be humorous as I like to find the humor in most things. I hope to keep it real so that you’ll understand that all of our journeys are much more connected than they are different.

Tomorrow, I promise first thing to put pen to paper and write a real blog post. I will channel my inner Erma Bombeck and find a perfect mix of humor and everyday mundaneness to share what’s really going on in my head, my business and in my life. But sometimes we just have to clear out the cobwebs to create genius. I won’t lie...I will probably have a cup of coffee in my hand and lots of good ideas and I will probably still wonder where to bear with me and let’s journey together. Now...what to call this blog? Currently, open to suggestions, but for now it's A Work in Progress (because aren't we all?). Now get to it!

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